Data Protection

Data Protection has become an issue which commands much attention in the media, and rarely a day will pass that one cannot find some new story of a breach, misuse of personal data, or in the worst cases, penalties levied by the Information Commissioner , who can fine organisations up to £500 000.

The law itself is based on eight principles, about managing personal data fairly and keeping it secure, whilst also providing a framework in which it can be shared when needed.

Data Protection should be on the management agenda, for all organisations handling personal data, from the largest public authority, down to small / medium enterprises. In particular, attention must be given to providing regular training for all staff handling personal data, as failure to do so would itself be regarded as a breach of the principles. Lack of training programs is a common factor in most of the fines levied by the Information Commissioner.

IG Wales can provide comprehensive training programs, tailored to your specific requirements, for both your staff, and also for those with management responsibilities. We can also provide specific consultancy work helping you to deal with any problems which may have arisen, such as security breaches, or handling difficult subject access requests from your customers. We can also provide a full data protection audit appropriate to your size and risk exposure.